Final words….

•March 21, 2006 • 2 Comments

Ok, this blog is finally having its final posting as the album process has finally ended. The songs have been written, recorded, mixed and mastered. The copies of the album is being pressed at the moment. So, the album is ready to be released.

All of this doesn’t mean our work hasn’t ended. In the near future, we must take care of the merchandise stuff, create samples and some video foorage for our website, prepare ourselves for the promotion stuff, and start thinking about gigs. And lots of other things, too…

Anyway, we are very satisfied with the album. However, this particular moment is a bit odd and peculiar. It’s like having and raising a baby and now (all of a sudden) (s)he’s getting old enough to move out to meet the real world. No matter how confident you are about the album (it’s the best EToS album in our opinion, you know), there’s always a small amount of uncertainty. But that’s what makes this moment exciting, doesn’t it?

It’s Almost Over!

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What a ride this has been. We started writing material for this album in late October 2004, that’s 16 months ago. And now, we’re finally here. The mastering sessions are taking place today, and the artwork for the album will be finished within a week, too.

Still, you and we have to wait for eight more weeks. That’s when the album comes out. But compared to the 16 months we’ve already spent on this album, 8 weeks is practically nothing, isn’t it?

Mixing and Mastering

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A brief news update. The mixing session started a week ago with Mikko Karmila at Finnvox Studios in Helsinki, South Finland. So far, the mixed songs sound exactly what they should sound like. The mixing sessions are going to be finished by the end of next week, after which it’s time to master the whole album.

Any other news? Well, Travis Smith has been working on the graphics side for some time now. So far so good!

P.S. If you don’t know what the mixing or the mastering process is, check out these links:

What is mixing? What is mastering? Why is mastering necessary?

Before the Bleeding Sun

•January 26, 2006 • 3 Comments

Eternal Tears of Sorrow proudly present the details on their fifth album BEFORE THE BLEEDING SUN, out in Finland April 26th on Spinefarm Records. (The release dates outside Finland may vary.)

Before the Bleeding Sun is band’s first album since their reunion that took place in 2005. The album was recorded at Tico-Tico Studios in Kemi and at Note-On Studios in Kuopio and will be mixed by Mikko Karmila at Finnvox Studios. It is also the first album featuring lead guitarist Risto Ruuth (also in Scyron) and keyboardist Janne Tolsa (also in Tarot).

Says the band: ‘The album is damn heavy but still more diverse and more melodic than any of our previous albums. The whole process has rarely been so easy and rewarding for us before, all the pieces really clicked together this time’.

Track list:

1. Sweet Lilith of My Dreams
2. Another Me
3. Red Dawn Rising
4. Upon the Moors
5. Sakura No Rei
6. Sinister Rain
7. Lost Rune of Thunder
8. Tar Still Flows
9. Angelheart, Ravenheart (Act I: Before the Bleeding Sun)

Guest vocalists: lead vocals by Jarmo Kylmänen (Scyron) and Miriam “Sfinx” Renvåg (Ram-Zet). Backing vocals by Jarmo Kylmänen, Miriam Renvåg, Tony Kakko (Sonata Arctica) and Marco Hietala (Nightwish & Tarot).

Cover art by Travis Smith.

Eternal Tears of Sorrow 2006:

Altti Veteläinen (vocals, bass)
Jarmo Puolakanaho (guitar)
Risto Ruuth (lead guitar)
Janne Tolsa (keyboards)
Petri Sankala (drums)


Eternal Tears of Sorrow julkistaa viidennen albuminsa nimen ja samalla liudan levyllä vierailevia metalliartisteja. Tuleva albumi kantaa nimeä BEFORE THE BLEEDING SUN ja sen julkaisee Suomessa Spinefarm Records, 26. huhtikuuta 2006. (Ulkomaiden julkaisupäivämäärät saattavat vaihdella).

Before the Bleeding Sun on yhtyeen ensimmäinen levy vuonna 2005 tapahtuneen yhtyeen paluun jälkeen. Albumi nauhoitettiin viime vuoden aikana Kemissä Tico-Tico -studiolla ja Kuopiossa Note-On –studiolla ja miksaus tapahtuu helmikuussa Finnvox-studiolla Mikko Karmilan toimesta.

Kyseessä on myös ensimmäinen albumi, jolla ovat mukana yhtyeen uudet jäsenet Risto Ruuth (soolokitara; Scyron) ja Janne Tolsa (koskettimet; Tarot).

Bändin puheenvuoro: ‘Albumi on erittäin raskas mutta silti vaihtelevampi ja melodisempi kuin yksikään aikaisimmista levyistämme. Koko levynrakennusprosessi on ollut helppo ja palkitseva; palaset tuntuivat osuvan kohdalleen helposti tällä kertaa’.


1. Sweet Lilith of My Dreams
2. Another Me
3. Red Dawn Rising
4. Upon the Moors
5. Sakura No Rei
6. Sinister Rain
7. Lost Rune of Thunder
8. Tar Still Flows
9. Angelheart, Ravenheart (Act I: Before the Bleeding Sun)

Vierailevat vokalistit: Jarmo Kylmänen (Scyron) ja Miriam “Sfinx” Renvåg (Ram-Zet).
Taustalaulut: Jarmo Kylmänen, Miriam Renvåg, Tony Kakko (Sonata Arctica) ja Marco Hietala (Nightwish & Tarot).

Kansitaide: Travis Smith.

Eternal Tears of Sorrow v. 2006:

Altti Veteläinen (laulu, basso)
Jarmo Puolakanaho (kitara)
Risto Ruuth (soolokitara)
Janne Tolsa (koskettimet)
Petri Sankala (rummut)

Happy New Year!

•January 1, 2006 • 6 Comments

Happy New Year people!

The year 2005 was very good for us, and we hope this year will become even better…

We’re 99% finished with the album. The rest of the backing vocals are recorded etc. The mixing sessions begin in five or six weeks. Finally! Constructing this album has taken more time than any of our previous albums, but it’s been worth it. There’s absolutely nothing on the album we’d like to add, remove or change. It’s good as it is.

Merry Christmas!

•December 20, 2005 • 1 Comment

Yep, we’re back home now. The next thing is Janne recording keyboards for the rest of the songs at his studio. The album is finally getting ready and it sounds just the way it should be.

Making this album has taken a much longer time compared to what it usually takes for us. I mean we wrote 7 out of 9 songs on AVAAW in just a couple of months! This time, the writing process took about 13 or 14 months but it was worth it. The album is definitely the most versatile album we’ve ever made.

Now, it’s time for the Christmas holiday we’ve really deserved. Be nice during Christmas & New Year! 🙂

Last photos from the recording sessions:

Jarmo K. (of Scyron) in front of the microphone.

People watching Ahti making their copies of the rough (non)mix(ed) CDs.

Another Short Break…

•December 14, 2005 • 2 Comments

Time for another short break from the studio before recording the rest of the vocals. Keyboards will be recorded after the Christmas, and the mixing & mastering sessions will take place in February.

The secrets concering this album will be released early next year, probably in January or February. And by ‘secrets’ I mean the album title, the song titles etc etc. So, stay tuned, wontcha? 🙂

Meanwhile, some photos from this December session:

Altti doing vocals.

Altti and Jarmo checking out the songs.

Petri doing drum tracks.

Jarmo doing melody guitar tracks.

Risto doing solos.

Studio Photos

•December 7, 2005 • 1 Comment

Time to take a short break now that drums, bass and rhythm guitars have been recorded. We’ll get back to Kemi in a couple of days. So far so damn good.

Risto doing rhythm guitars.

Altti listening to his bass tracks.

Second Studio Session!

•December 6, 2005 • 1 Comment

Merry December ev’ryone! We’ve spent some days at the studio now with the rest of the songs for the album. Drums have already been recorded, now it’s time for the rhythm guitars. Things have progressed smoothly here at Tico-Tico. Photos to come in the near future.

Four Weeks to Go

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Four weeks until the second main recording session takes place. We hope to have most of the material recorded by Christmas. We’ve been working hard at our rehearsal place and our home studios to make everything sound as good as possible.

As told by us before, the album is going to be out next spring. Blabbermouth says :

ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW To Release New Album In March/April

Reactivated Finnish melodic extreme metal band ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW are continuing work on their as-yet-untitled fifth album for a tentative March/April 2006 release via Spinefarm Records. According to the band, “The material for the fifth album is heavier, much more diverse and more guitar-orientated compared to the fourth album ‘A Virgin and a Whore’ [2001].”

Further info on the album will be released here in the near future.

Back to the Rehearsal Place!

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EToS is back at the rehearsal place from the 4-month holiday. We’ve got three months until we enter the studio to record the rest of the material. Some photos:

Jalometalli Festival

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Just one more reminder of the Jalometalli festival that will be held in Oulu next weekend. It’s the only place to see EToS members live this year.

Anyway, we have already started writing material for the second part of the album. So far, the ideas sound damn interesting and good, once again. Rehearsing starts in the near future, so keep watching this page for new photos etc. The second recording session starts in early December.

P.S. Risto has a new website at, check it out!


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It’s been two months since the first studio session and all of us have been doing something completely different for a while. There won’t be new rehearsals in two or three months. You know, For My Pain… is starting to prepare for their “traditional” Jalometalli gig in mid-August, Tarot is active whenever Nightwish is having a small gig break and so on.

However, now it’s the right time to start to come up with some new ideas. We’ve already got some ideas but we need a good bunch of them before we can restart the song-writing process 100%.

In case you need to know more, check out the FAQ topic in our forum:!

Wings of F***ing Darkness!

•May 5, 2005 • 3 Comments

Just wanted you all to know that in a couple of days, Tarot is coming to Oulu with Teräsbetoni and this unknown band called Twisted Sisters or something (must be a local band, never heard :P).

So, we’re going to meet with Janne who is soon about to start recording his keyboard parts in his studio – the keyboard tracks will be laid for the five songs we’ve recorded so far. Just click this to see Janne’s studio, Note On Studio.

The 1st Session’s Over…

•April 8, 2005 • 10 Comments

The two weeks have passed – the first studio session is over. Time for us to rest for a while, time for other people to record stuff in their studios. There are some new photos here, and there’s more text to come in the near future…

Photo 1: Altti playing bass tracks.

Photo 2: Altti doing vocals.

Photo 3: Jarmo on the move.

Photo 4: A visitor came to play some songs from their forthcoming album to us.

Monday, April the 4th

•April 4, 2005 • 1 Comment


We’ve completed most of the first studio session at Tico-Tico Studio. What can we say? Everything sounds even better and bigger than we could imagine! We think we won’t stop praising the new material until it comes out :).

Time to take some days off, we’ll continue on Thursday with bass and Altti’s vocals.

The album still lacks the working title. And we hope the mixing board will have enough tracks for us, when we start mixing the album :)…

Photo 1: On the left: one of our studio visitors (Tony of S.A.) . On the right: Ahti and Altti:

Photo 2: Risto and Ahti trying to find a good guitar sound:

Photo 3: Jarmo recording & playing guitar tracks:

P.S. Another video: Risto playing guitar and Ahti… Well, check it out yourself! 🙂

P.S. Yet another video: Risto playing a guitar solo!

First Day at the Studio…

•March 25, 2005 • 5 Comments

The first day is over…

Photo 1: Obviously, we started the day with some cups of strong and hot coffee:

Photo 2: Ahti looking at a strange kind of machine:

Photo 3: Petri drumming:

P.S. Watch a very special video of Petri drumming!!!


•March 24, 2005 • 1 Comment


Reactivated Finnish metallers ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW are about to enter the studio to begin recording their as-yet-untitled fifth album. The first studio session will take place at Tico-Tico studio on Good Friday (March 25). The songs will be recorded and mixed at several studios in Northern Europe during the coming months. A late 2005 release via Spinefarm Records is expected.

According to the band, “The material for the fifth album is heavier, much more diverse and more guitar-orientated compared to the fourth album ‘A Virgin And A Whore’.” A studio diary has been launched at this location.

ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW’s current lineup is as follows:

Altti Veteläinen – Bass, Vocals
Jarmo Puolakanaho – Guitar
Risto Ruuth – Lead Guitar
Janne Tolsa – Keyboards
Petri Sankala – Drums

Rehearsal photos part 3!

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Once again, photos with quite a bad quality.

Photo 1: Risto

Photo 2: Petri & Altti

Photo 3: Jarmo

More rehearsal photos…

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Five weeks until the first studio session.. Sorry for the poor quality of the photos, but you can definitely feel the atmosphere here :).

Photo 1: Jarmo and Altti

Photo 2: Risto

First post: Photos from the rehearsal place!

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The first post…! A photo from one of our first rehearsals since the reunion:

Photo: Altti, Risto and Petri